Tokyo Marathon Foundation By the Numbers

These figures demonstrate what the Tokyo Marathon Foundation has achieved in the mission to connect people,
create healthy habits, and build a better society through the joy of running.

  • Tokyo Marathon

    Total number of
    Tokyo Marathon participants
    461,520 (2007-2020)

    The Tokyo Marathon brings together diverse people within Japan and from abroad – to cheer, to support, to run. Launched in 2007, the event has grown into one of the world’s leading marathons.
    *The number includes marathon and 10km participants.

    Total number of Tokyo Marathon participants Total number of Tokyo Marathon participants

    Embracing the concept of ‘The Day We Unite.’, the Tokyo Marathon brings together various participants, from elite runners to non-elite and wheelchair athletes. Whether running, supporting or cheering, individuals bring diverse stories that interweave to create a special event that enables people of all ages, sexes and nationalities to connect with each other. Part of the Abbott World Marathon Majors since 2013, the event continues to grow into a world-class race that delivers elite competition while simultaneously inspiring other participating runners. With volunteering, charity and sustainability initiatives, the marathon also creates new value for society.
    *The Tokyo Marathon 2020 was held only for elite runners and elite wheelchair athletes (total 193 athletes).


    ONE TOKYO total membership
    (Premium Members, Club Members)
    619,632 (as of July 1, 2020)

    ONE TOKYO is a membership-based running community that extends beyond Tokyo to the rest of Japan.

    • Number of members by prefecture Number of members by prefecture
    • Age groups of event participants (clinic, MVM and other events) Age groups of event participants (clinic, MVM and other events)

    ONE TOKYO is a membership-based community for runners, as well as for the fans and volunteers who sustain the Tokyo Marathon. The community consists of free-to-join Club Members and paid Premium Members who enjoy special privileges. Centered on Tokyo, the community is growing throughout Japan, with members covering a wide age range. App-based virtual marathons and running events enable members with different backgrounds to compete against each other, from top-level runners chasing prizes in the full marathon to beginners aiming to finish. ONE TOKYO continues to support healthy lifestyles by offering services that enable people to share the joy of running.


    Number of
    VOLUNTAINER members
    33,545 (as of March 31, 2020)

    VOLUNTAINER is the Tokyo Marathon Foundation’s official volunteer club. Offering sport volunteers training and opportunities to be active, the club attracts greater interest every year.

    • Participant composition (Age) Participant composition (Age)
    • Participant composition (Region) Participant composition (Region)
    • Participant composition (Occupation) Participant composition (Occupation)

    As the Tokyo Marathon Foundation’s official volunteer club, VOLUNTAINER strives to promote sport volunteer activities and foster a culture of volunteering. To this end, the club nurtures volunteers and offers opportunities for people everywhere to proudly play their role in providing support. Participants include people of all ages, occupations, and regions. They come together to support the race with the idea that ‘a VOLUNTEER is an ENTERTAINER’ who makes the event more enjoyable for spectators, runners and themselves. VOLUNTAINER not only handles volunteer registration for the Tokyo Marathon, but also provide training and seminars for Volunteer Leaders. With volunteers playing a key role in administering sporting events, we also assist other events through our volunteer program. As the significance of volunteers within sporting events receives greater recognition, interest in volunteering to support runners grows every year.

  • Tokyo Marathon Charity donations

    Total amount in Tokyo Marathon Charity donations 2,678,974,417yen (2011 -2019)

    Donations collected through the Tokyo Marathon charity are used to aid various social causes, including sports promotion, environmental conservation, animal protection, assistance for global refugees, and support for children with chronic conditions.

    • Total amount in charity donations Total amount in charity donations

    One of the goals of the Tokyo Marathon Foundation is to deliver social change through charity. We create opportunities for individuals to contribute to society by enabling all contributors, including Charity Runners and supporters, to personally select beneficiaries from our official charity programs.
    The spirit of each individual runner becomes a powerful force, to create a happy society through the joy of running.

  • Sports Legacy

    Sports Legacy Program donations 680,103,999yen (2011 -2019)
    • Sports Legacy Program donations Sports Legacy Program donations

      *Displayed amount is rounded to the nearest thousandth.

    Through sports both competitive and recreational, the Sports Legacy Program aims to create the legacy of a brighter future for Tokyo and Japan in the 21st century. Donations to the program are used to maintain the running field, nurture future generations, and support a broad range of activities. Through the inherent power of sport, we will continue to build a society that offers new lifestyles to be enjoyed by all.

  • Clothing Reuse Projects

    Total weight of clothing collected for Clothing Reuse Project 7719.06kg (as of March 31, 2020)

    The Tokyo Marathon promotes sustainable initiatives as part of our goal to foster the long-term development of running culture. As part of these initiatives, our Clothing Reuse Project collects clothing in good condition to be delivered to people in need overseas.

As well as promoting good health through running, the Tokyo Marathon Foundation is committed
to building a better society by placing running at the heart of lifestyles and urban environments.