• Running Events

    Creating opportunities to experience the joy of running.

    The Tokyo Marathon Foundation strives to spread the joy of running by organizing various running events and movements.

    • Our major event, the Tokyo Marathon, launched in 2007 and has since grown into a unique event that brings together more than 30,000 runners, 10,000 volunteers, and many spectators cheering from the sidelines or at home. The race continues to evolve as we seek to deliver the world’s best marathon.

    • We also hold various official events, including the Family Run for kids and adults, and the Friendship Run, where running enthusiasts from all over the world gather to engage in cultural exchange.

  • Running Life

    Bringing the joy of running into everyday life.

    The Tokyo Marathon Foundation provides services that make it easier for people to continue enjoy running in their daily lives.

    • ONE TOKYO is a community consisting of some 620,000 members. Special access to our smartphone app allows members to enjoy virtual marathons and receive information on running events.

    • We operate JOGPORT ARIAKE, a running facility that makes it easier to enjoy running as part of everyday life.

    • Collaborating with other marathon races within Japan, the RUN as ONE - Tokyo Marathon program was launched as part of our efforts to generate excitement around a marathon culture. The following year, we established the “Semi-Elite (Overseas)” category to attract outstanding athletes from abroad who meet the criteria set forth by the Tokyo Marathon Foundation, enhancing the athletic level of the event. 

  • Wellness

    Enriching lifestyles through the joy of running.

    As part of our wellness initiatives, the Tokyo Marathon Foundation strives to create healthy, active lifestyles through the joy of running.

    • We developed the tracking system SPOTAG, which enhances daily runs by allowing users to manage their running history.

    • Working with regional governments, we utilize the Foundation’s management and planning expertise to help revitalize local communities through running.

    • We also collaborate with business partners to energize running culture by creating more diverse ways to enjoy the sport.

  • Social Contribution

    Building a better society through the joy of running.

    The Tokyo Marathon Foundation’s social contribution initiatives strive to build a better society through charity and volunteering.

    • The Tokyo Marathon Charity creates opportunities for individuals to contribute to society by enabling all contributors, including Charity Runners and supporters, to connect with various organizations through our official charity programs.

    • With over 30,000 members, our official volunteer club VOLUNTAINER not only handles volunteer registration for the Tokyo Marathon, but also provides training and seminars for Volunteer Leaders, and assists events other than the Tokyo Marathon.

    • Proceeds from our projects and donations collected through the Tokyo Marathon Foundation Sports Legacy Program are used to develop running course environments, nurture future generations, and support a broad range of activities.

    • We also promote sustainable initiatives as part of our goal to foster the long-term development of running culture.